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Bathroom One Piece Two Piece Close-Coupled Flushing System

From RM 449.00

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Which Closet is right for you?

Let’s check our recommended goods

Which Closet is right for you?

Let’s check our recommended goods

S-Trap Available
P-Trap Available
One solid seamless unit
Easy to cleaning
6/3 Liter Dual Flush Available
Soft Close Seat & Seat
Easy to Install
Kong Mee Care Available
500KG Heavy Weight
1200 C Firing
Smooth Discharge

angle valve

flexible hose

toilet roll holder

wash bidet

Rubbish Bin

phone holder

toilet seat cover with bidet

toilet brush holder

Kong Mee CARE warranty

Leveraging On Technology

You thought you only need a toilet bowl. Turns out you need many other supporting accessories to make it work, and it might be confusing.




Italy Designs

Italian Craftsmanship always was internationally celebrated. There’s no doubt that Italians are talented craftsmen and creative designers.




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