The History of Kong Mee.


Wong Kong Fatt and his fiancé pioneered Kong Mee with their love over aesthetic tiles and started a legendary journey retailing over floor tiles. Since established, Kong Fatt believes that quality goods bring quality customers as satisfied customers tend to return. Since then, it has been operating as a traditional brick and mortar business.



The History of Kong Mee HQ.


Kong Mee opened up the biggest outlet in Kong Mee in Puchong, Selangor. In 1998, Kong Fatt saw a huge opportunity to expand its business. Despite having merely enough funds in the account, he insisted that this must be done and went all-in on his savings.



The Beginning of Kong Mee Home Gallery.


After 30 years of venture, Kong Fatt decided to retire from the Chairman of Kong Mee and pass it down to his son, Cheong. Cheong had an idea, he thought that Kong Mee can be expanded even further by retailing over Bathroom and Kitchen furniture because it reflects a toilet you can trust and a kitchen you’re familiar with. That is what completes a home.

No more tiles.


Cheong and his spouse, Annie made Kong Mee an ltd. and started the journey of bathroom and kitchen business. To show profession, Kong Mee Home Gallery only focuses on retailing over Bath and Kitchen and stopped managing the tiles. Cheong carries his father’s motto with a modern view – good quality products must come with good service from the start to the end. He believes that people can get quality products anywhere, it’s the service and purchasing experience that can’t be substituted.

Bathroom Consultant – A legendary team

Bathroom Consultant, only in Kong Mee. We realized that the customer usually don’t know or don’t understand what they buy. Will the product bring issues or hassle in the future? Is it correct to buy this or not? Why is this more expensive compared to cheap hardware shops? People who don’t know how to differentiate often goes for the cheaper one, but little do they know the consequences might be troublesome. A product with manipulated warranty, a toilet bowl exploding or cracking, a shower that doesn’t support consistent water flow… sounds pretty hectic. With Kong Mee’s Bathroom Consultant, every customer is like a good friend. The point is, you will understand what you’re buying and the things you buy are correct. We are always here to guide, assist and guarantee your warranty.


Our distance never matter.


We started to sell & deliver nation-wide online, we know that many people deserve a good bathroom consultant but not many people can get one. Hence, we thought it’s the right time for us and the technology to reach our customer no matter the distance. With the help of the internet, our distance is not a problem and you deserve a better bathroom consultant. You can view, get help on your bath room and purchase online 

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